10 ways to get the most out of your nanny relationship

1. Find the strengths in the person you hired. Don’t try to make someone be strong in an area that may not be their strength. Evaluate what strengths they do have that can be a good resource for your family.

2. Show appreciation for a job well done and express it.

3. Think about what will make your household and family happy and communicate that to your nanny.

4. Do not be afraid to leave WRITTEN instructions when needed.

5. Evolve and communicate as your family grows. Every family’s need change EVERY FEW MONTHS. Think that through with your nanny in regards to schedules and planning.

6. Regroup on discipline regularly. Have a group plan. The parents, the nanny, and others who may be involved.

7. Make sure to think through activities together for the kids/babies and keep things fresh. Change comes with every season, literally.

8. Ask about concerns, needs of your nanny to do a better job, and areas as a parent that you can provide insight on. Do not simply exchange notes in passing.

9. Discuss things that happen when your nanny is not there (during family time) and how that will impact your week and what your kids may talk about.

10. Take the time to ask how your nanny is. Mutual respect is very important as in any relationship.

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