I wanted to replace my existing nanny because I wanted a nanny who would be willing to perform light household chores while my one year old was sleeping 2-4 hours at time (we have a housekeeper who comes to our home to perform heavy cleaning).  My current nanny was not willing to do so.  What made this decision difficult was that my current nanny had a great relationship with my one year old son, whom she had cared for since he was 8 weeks old.  However, as he was taking longer and longer naps, I felt as if she should be utilizing this paid time with light household duties.  On the other hand, I was concerned about the effect on my son of changing the nanny at this age.  He really enjoyed being with her.  Upon the recommendation of two good friends, I decided to interview CrunchCare.  I spoke with Stacie, the founder, at great length over the telephone. She explained her philosophy of nanny care, and educated me on the expected duties of a nanny.  I realized she was right in that I would come home from a full day of work and despite being exhausted, I would perform chores which could have been completed by my nanny before I arrived home.  I also expressed to Stacie my bigger concern of how the change in nannies would affect my son.  Based upon her experience, Stacie felt that most children make the transition seamlessly.  Stacie was able to schedule a number of nannies for my husband and me to interview.  In addition, Stacie had already informed the nannies of our wants/needs and what we expect from them.  The first nanny we interviewed was excellent.  The second nanny was also excellent!  Each nanny we interviewed was excellent.  We would have been happy with any of the nannies Stacie provided – we could not believe it.  It reached a point that we asked Stacie to stop scheduling nanny interviews because we had reached a point that we were comparing one excellent nanny to another excellent nanny.  The decision process was very challenging because we were starting to compare the most minute details of one nanny to another nanny in an effort to find a discerning quality that would aid us in making the best decision.  Throughout this process, Stacie was very supportive.  She would not make the decision for us; rather, she would guide us in helping us think through our decision making.  We finally chose our nanny.  She is fantastic!  Our son bonded with her in 4 hours, which was surprising because he was going through a period of stranger anxiety at this time.  Our new nanny is so warm to our son, and to us.  She is personable and has a generous nature.  She enjoys laughing and being silly with our son.  She is also very eager to perform light household duties.  She even offers to do household activities which we did not request.  We emphasize to our new nanny that her first priority is our son, that is, if he happens to nap for only 45 minutes, then we do not expect household duties to be completed.  She understands this balance.  Stacie has been in communication with us to inquire, and ensure, that we are happy with our new nanny.  I highly recommend CrunchCare because of the quality of the nannies they provide, in addition to Stacie’s professionalism and expertise.

 Susanna P., La Jolla
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