2015 Inaugural Nanny of the Year

Maribel Melo, 2015 Crunch Care Nanny of the Year

Every year we interview and place hundreds of amazing nannies and domestic employees that we are proud to work with.  Over the years we have built strong and lasting relationships with these bright and nurturing women who choose this as their true profession and we work with them over a long period of time, placing them with one family for year,s and then as families evolve and needs change, placing them again. We are proud to say that every candidate we  work with has outstanding credentials and a true passion and motivation to be the best they can be at their profession but there are special relationships we recognize and developed over the years that significantly stand out and we deeply invest in over time.  These are the candidates whether a Nanny, Housekeeper, Personal Assistant, or Behavioral Expert, that feel like they are a true part of the Crunch Care family, communicate extremely well and maintain a consultative, personal, and honest, open relationship with our internal recruiting team.

For the first time since our opening in 2006 we have decided to create Merritt Award for Crunch Care’s Nanny or Domestic Employee of the Year.  This year we have chosen to recognize someone that has made a lasting impression to our team and our clients over the years.  This woman has stood out in so many ways always maintaining her professionalism, speaking her truth about where she is at in her career and where she would like to be, defining her boundaries with her client families in a way that is evaluative, sincere, and analytical in thinking, benefitting both parties along the way.  She has called our company’s recruiting team to consult  when things need to be worked on and she is not exactly sure what to do. She has called when wonderful things happen with the families she has worked with, with the most sincere exciting and love.

We are proud to work with and present Maribel Melo as the 2015 Nanny of the Year.  In the 9 years we have been in business she is the first person that came to mind and we had no doubt that she would represent our company and herself in anything less than a stellar manner

We have worked closely with Maribel for over 5 years.  She is a professional Live In Nanny for over 20 years of nanny experience here in San Diego.  Maribel grew up in Mexico City with one sibling.  Shortly after high school she worked at a telegraph company for 12 years and then pursued her degree to become an English Teacher.  She worked for AT&T for years teaching Executives in Mexico how to speak English.  With the recession in the early 90’s she left Mexico coming to the US to become a Live In Nanny.  She worked for a family for 9 years in Rancho Bernardo area where she did all the housekeeping and assisting with the children.  Maribel then began working for another wonderful family in 2005 where she did light housekeeping,household management, and provided all the needed care for their 4 and 6 year old boys with love.  Maribel then was placed by Crunch Care with a lovely military family where the father was a Commanding Officer and deployed much of the time.  The mother in this family with a media executive with an extremely demanding career.  Maribel stepped in immediately as a part of the family making their lives easier with grace.  She worked for this family for over 2  years and when they moved she accepted another Live In Nanny position for a growing local La Jolla family where she has been for over 2 years.

Recently Maribel sent the CEO of our company Stacie Steelman, a beautiful photo of the children she currently works with.  The picture showed Maribel smiling with them both on her lap.  The love she has for them and her profession was obvious.  The joy in her face motivated our team at Crunch Care to select her for this very important award.  We are thrilled to have Maribel Melo as our inaugural 2015 Crunch Care Nanny of the Year.  We are confident she will represent our company well and set a strong standard going forward.

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