3 Ways to Keep the Perfect Nanny

If you’ve found the perfect nanny, consider it a treasure! Remember, it took time to place the perfect personality for this sensitive and highly specialized position. So safeguard your find with our top three tips for keeping the perfect nanny.

Personal Time
Regular time-off and paid-leave or vacation time are a must to keep a good nanny! The proper balance of work and play is needed to keep any individual healthy, happy and whole.

As an employer, it’s appropriate to ensure your nanny has weekly down time. If it’s a busy season for your family, fair compensation is expected for any extra hours or overnight stays. Be up front about your family’s needs and try to identify in advance which seasons will require additional hours. It may be helpful to schedule a quarterly meeting where you discuss the upcoming quarter and potential schedule.

Respectful Boundaries
Perfect NannyIt’s not an office job nor is it a suit-and-tie profession. Still, providing service as a nanny is professional work. While the position itself may lend more towards a casual demeanor and approach, a nanny must first be treated as a professional. Some quick tips on keeping your relationship professional.

  • Allow your nanny to work without interference. After an initial training period, give them the space to work.
  • Refrain from criticizing, demanding or joking with your nanny. It may seem restrictive. However, working within a casual environment like the home demands that utmost caution is used in maintaining professional relationships.

Fair Wages
Have you heard the sayings: you get what you pay for, you reap what you sow, you give and you get? A little extra earnings for your nanny can go a long way in fostering a positive work environment. Competitive salary accounts for experience, length-of-service, seasonal bonuses, incidental, and overtime costs.

  • Salary raises – Keep these consistent and communicate up front how frequently they can be expected. Crunch Care recommends an initial increase at six-month’s service time and then, a regular annual increase. Budget for at least a three-percent raise while your nanny is with your family.
  • Bonus – A little extra on top of what is expected may be appropriately timed after or during an especially busy season.

Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication from the outset. At minimum, schedule quarterly meetings to address concerns, questions, schedules, or compensation.

Keep your nanny happy and you’ll stay happy too! If you’re looking for a reliable nanny, call Crunch Care at 877-553-4231, a local nanny agency that can help you find the perfect nanny!

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