1. We only place A+ through B candidates.  We do not want to have the reputation of placing a B- candidate or less.  Each candidate should be PROFESSIONAL, polished, and know how to communicate well regardless of their native language.  We are the experts in judgement of being able to choose someone who can represent us at the highest level.
  2. We always use correct grammar in our emails and dialogues.  When texting and emailing we make every effort to use appropriate grammar and language.  We are well educated and understand the professionalism is what we deliver, even when we are friendly with our clients.  We are top notch.
  3. We are corporate in our approach.  We are not the nanny agency started by a nanny.  We are professionally trained in recruiting techniques according to corporate standards and services our clients at that level.
  4. We are a classy group of gals. We know how to speak to people of high caliber, always take care of ourselves personally, and know that we are working for the top tier of domestic staffing companies.
  5. We are the experts at what we do.  We do this all day every day for almost 10 years now.  We are recognized locally and nationally as being a leader in our industry.  Our affiliations to professional organizations and how the world sees us justifies our opinion and pricing.  We do not negotiate.
  6. We are excellent communicators.  From providing clear communication to our nannies about our role and how we can help them to providing clear communication to our clients about our role and the process we leave no stone unturned.  We put our best foot forward in terms of presentation and communication at all times.  We are always touching our clients and nannies to make sure they feel taken care of.  We expect the same form of communication from our partners in return.
  7. We always cross our T’s and dot our I’s.  There are rare mistakes made if ever because we know that our client’s and our nannies deserve the best and we are proud of being able to deliver it.  Attention to detail is our goal.
  8. We are a cool company.  We are always looking for ways to improve what we offer and have the latest and greatest techniques and technologies.  We want to have a great quality of life and enjoy what we do at the same time.  We understand that we can work from home, be mothers, be young women, and still be successful and fun.
  9. We are proud of who we are and what we do.  We are a domestic and corporate staffing agency that has a very good reputation in the community and we are an all women team that are powerful and smart.  We don’t accept anything less than that, EVER.
  10. We enjoy each other and our life working together.  This is a very unique company with a very special approach and we care about the people we work with.  We are a family.
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