Featured By Redfin: How to Baby Proof Your Home in a Weekend

We were recently featured in the Redfin Blog on How to Baby Proof Your Home in a Weekend. Baby proofing your home is hardly a one-time event. As your child grows, so do the potential hazards they’ll face. It doesn’t matter what style of home you live in, perhaps you live in a single-story condo […]

Employee Resources in a Critical Time

Today’s employment market is more volatile than it has been since 2008.  Companies are drowning in employee absenteeism and stress-related issues for parents with school closures and general inconsistencies related to child care as well as education support.  Children are having an emotionally challenging time feeling disconnected at home from school, sports, and activities.   While […] Article Nanny Benefits to Negotiate

We recently participated in the contribution of a article related to Nanny benefits and how to negotiate the right benefits for you.  If you want to learn more about staying competitive as an Employer or want to understand the depth of benefits families can offer this is a great read.

Home Solutions for Balancing Work and Parenting, Featured in Redfin

Check out our feature in Redfin’s latest article: “Home Solutions for Balancing Work and Parenting” If you thought never in a million years you’d be sharing your office space with your children, think again. The spread of COVID-19 is forcing parents to work from home while helping their oldest manage remote school and coordinating who […]

COVID Pay for Your Nanny-Direct Placement Client Resources

We receive many inquiries over the past few months on how to handle COVID suspected or diagnosed cases.  For Direct Placements where you as the family are the Employer, you may be wondering whether your Nanny is entitled to FFCRA pay and or should file a Workers Compensation Claim.  Our partners at HomeWork Solutions wrote […]

Real Talk, Newborn Care Solutions

A thank you to Newborn Care Solutions for inviting CEO Stacie Steelman to speak on the show recently.  For our viewers interested! The structure of the business of temporary care is constantly changing. Stacie will give insight to the employment market for temporary chid care providers and educators currently, what to expect on compensation, & […]

The New Pandemic Lifestyle-Pods, Private Educator Facilitators, Nannies, Hybrid Nannies, and more?

With parents struggling to figure out the next steps to maintaining their professions while at the same educating their own children at home, and many schools going online with child care limited, the staffing industry related to childcare has been a whirlwind August. As a parent myself of three children in different schools, one Elementary, […]

Pregastic Throwback Podcast circa 2009

It’s pretty good insight to listen to this podcast, Stacie Steelman, Founder and CEO did in 2009 on Pregtastic during the recession.  Pay rates at $11-14 per hour, recruiting fees at a bare minimum…with the employment market today booming 10 years of experience later it’s interesting to listen to.  Still great tidbits and conversation about […]

JFLA/Feit4Kidz Interest-Free Fertility Loans

Recently through a parenting group of of Los Angeles we were able to connect with Daphna Nissanoff-Gerendash from the Jewish Free Loan Association in Los Angeles about this extremely progressive organization and specifically program related to interest free loans for IVF.  Please read about this fascinating program and connect with her if you know someone […]

The New Not So Normal

I sit here at almost 10pm at night thinking about another day of the same tomorrow.  I am going  to wake up later than I have in the 14 years since my first of three sons was born, not get the boys ready for school, not make lunches, navigate about 100 emails with that same […]

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