Benefits of Working with a Nanny Agency

Why should a parent choose to work with a nanny agency rather than finding a nanny on their own?  Surely you as the parent would have better insight into who would be a good nanny for your children, right?  Of course you are right!  No one else is in a better position to determine what is best for your child.  That said, following are a few of the beneficial reasons parents would choose to work with a nanny agency:


This is easily one of the top reasons clients site for working with a nanny agency.  Looking for a nanny can be extremely time consuming, not to mention overwhelming.  In order to conduct a proper nanny search, among other things, one must take the time to review resumes and applications, conduct phone and in-person interviews, as well as checking references.   An in-person interview alone takes at least an hour, and if you are doing a thorough search you are looking at talking to a minimum of three candidates.

A nanny agency will do all of the preliminary work for you, ensuring that the nannies that you interview have been pre-screened and are the best possible candidates for your position.


Easily another one of the top reasons clients site for working with a nanny agency is the expertise that comes along with working with an agency.  Knowing where to look, what to look for, and what questions to ask are only a few things that a nanny agency will bring to the table.  Further, a good agency is not only going to be an expert in helping you find the right nanny, but can be a valuable resource in helping a family retain their nanny.  Families and nannies alike should be comfortable reaching out to their agency to get counsel on how to handle any issues that may arise, or to consult on any changes that the family may be going through (i.e. what to do with your nanny as the children get older).

Third Party Perspective

Finally, when making major decisions it can be helpful to have a third party perspective.  Someone who has relevant experience can be invaluable when you are deciding exactly what the position will call for, and what kind of nanny you are looking for.  Many families also find it extremely helpful to discuss the nannies that they have interviewed with the nanny agency so that they can compare notes.

In conclusion, using a nanny agency will save you precious time as they have the expertise to help you define your position and recruit appropriate candidates while offering an outside perspective.  As a nanny agency in Orange County, we at Crunch Care want to ensure that our clients don’t have to spend their time weeding thorough hundreds of candidates.  We want to help our families navigate through not just the search and hiring process, but also be a resource for them years down the line as their circumstances change.  To find out more about how Crunch Care can help find the right nanny for your family, please give us a call today at (877) 553-4231!

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