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Donna McClay’s children that Maribel nannied for years ago as adults graduating from college.

Please take the time to read and enjoy this comment to a blog post about our 2015 Nanny of the Year Maribel Melo from a previous family she spoke so fondly of in her essay.

Maribel came into our lives at a time when we needed her the most. We had lived through a gauntlet of help – college students, after-school care, nannies who turned out to be not so great. My son (then 9) and daughter (then 4) had simple requirements: “Do you play catch?” and “Do you play Barbies?” were the absolute qualifications for them to approve of our selection.

We were blessed with just the right person at just the right time in our lives. Maribel was with us for 10 years. She was not just the nanny – she was part of our family. Her work ethic and dedication to the well being of all four of us was unparalleled in my experience. It’s a tough job inserting yourself into the daily lives of a family, and having to adapt to their schedules as well as their idiosyncrasies!

Maribel was a integral part of my children’s formative years, and she instilled in them character traits that I am certain contributed to their success. My son is now 29 and my daughter is now 24. We have kept in touch with Maribel in the 10 years since she left our home. We try to meet for dinner once in awhile, and she has been a part of every milestone event in their lives. The photo attached is their graduation party from college. They were thrilled she was able to attend and celebrate with them. There will be more milestones to celebrate in the years to come, and Maribel will always be included as someone who made my kids the wonderful adults they are today.

Congratulations to Maribel on this award. We can think of no one more deserving than she to represent Crunch Care.

With much love and gratitude,

Paul, Donna, Jeff and Mary

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