Message sent on our NEWS FEED 6/21/22

I hope you are all well. We have so many new people on our team which we love and are so thrilled to be working with you seeing you are working a ton! THANK YOU for being a part of our amazing team.

I want to ask to help our scheduling team and you personally to start to use the UNAVAILABLE tab on your Deputy app. This will help a lot of the back and forth going on. Go to the HOME button of your app, go to TIME OFF, select UNAVAILABILITY, and you get put your days in you know you are not available to work. During this process you can copy the On Call team so they are notified. Technology works and is available to help serve you. This will also help with booking errors! There is a repeat function in there too for cases where perhaps you only want to work 2-3 days a week. If you are a STAFF NANNY then you need to be mindful of the 30 hours a week commitment to your position and follow what you advised our scheduling team.

The feed: The NEWS FEED in your Deputy app is not optional for use. You need to check it and confirm when messages are sent to you that you received them. We use this for a lot of info including things like this very message and when texting goes down. You are required to check it daily.

Other very important reminders:
Our hours are on our site listed here:
If you have a complete emergency outside of hours you are to contact our clients directly and let us know. We do not work 24/7. Close but not quite, especially on the weekends. TOTAL emergency means you are sick and can’t go to work. If you cancel cases repeatedly and BH will flag you and you will be suspended. There is nothing we can do if this happens so be mindful of calling out to work.

Link to Payroll Calendar:
Payroll: I see a ton of incoming on questions on pay. Refer all questions to Eden Saban is our main contact there and she is glad to work with you on any questions you have.

Orientation: Anne Alvarado our new Operations Manager is doing orientations for new employees going forward. If you would like to schedule one to be reminded of the tools available to you email her at

We thank you for your dedication and hard work and are trying to do everything we can to keep you all booked and happy!

We apologize for the tech issues we have had with our texting system this week and are looking for a back up option at this time so we don’t ever go down.

Warmest Regards,
Stacie Steelman, CEO