Day Care vs. In Home Care in Southern California

In this day and age it is not always possible for one parent to stay at home and care for the children.  When a stay at home parent is not a viable option for a family, they must decide between hiring a nanny who will care for their child in the home vs. sending their children to some sort of day care facility.

Following is some information on each kind of child care to help families who need to make such a decision.

In Home Child Care

In home child care refers to having a child cared for in their own home.  Most often the person that cares for the child in an in home situation is a family member or a nanny that was hired for the family.

Even though hiring a nanny can sometimes be more costly vs sending a child to day care, many families will still often opt for in-home child care as the child will often receive dramatically more attention in a situation such as this.  Having this kind of individualized one-to-one kind of attention can be beneficial to many children especially if they are working on educational things, whether it be the basis (colors, number, letter, etc.) or things that are more advanced such as math and English.

In addition to the level of care and attention the child receives in their own home, many families prefer in-home care for very young children in order to avoid exposure to germs that can make them sick.

Finally, having a nanny or relative care for your children often provides much more flexibility.  There may be times when parents need to work late, or go in on days that a day care may be closed.

Day Care

For many families, day care is the most suitable child care option from a financial perspective.  Day Care facilities are often less expensive than hiring a nanny to care for your children.

Additionally, many families like Day Cares as it gives their child an opportunity to socialize with other children, and participate in various activities they may not otherwise get to participate in had they been cared for in the home.

Both in-home child care such as hiring a nanny, as well as taking your child to a Day Care facility each have their own benefits and negatives.  The best thing for a family who is deciding between the two is to do some research on each.  Check out the local day care facilities in your area, and call and talk with local Nanny Agencies to see how they can help you.  Take into consideration the amount of flexibility that your family will need when it comes to child care.  Often times in-home care provides families with much more flexibility vs a Day Care that has set hours and days of operation.

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