Empowering Your New Motherhood

Welcoming a new baby is one of life’s most amazing gifts. It’s also one of the most challenging times a woman will face. In addition to the physical changes that take place, a new mother has powerful emotional changes to process too. She is recovering from birth, learning to care for this new person in her life, and often overwhelmed with the love she feels for her tiny baby. It’s a unique time in her life and she needs all the support she can get.

When our mothers and grandmothers were having babies, they typically had a built-in support system of family and friends who would help out when the baby arrived. New mothers learned to care for their babies by watching their mothers and aunts raise children. Many women did not work outside the home, giving them the time and opportunity to support other women in their circle. As they say, it takes a village!

These days, women are waiting longer to have babies and often have an established career before starting a family. We are a nation on the go with little time to spend nurturing our neighbors. When a woman gives birth, we send gifts and maybe drop off a meal. Her relatives may be far away or unable to help because they are working full time and caring for their own families. A new mother may have attended a class at the hospital, but is likely still questioning everything she’s doing. She may have concerns about nursing, what is normal for newborns, and how to best care for herself and her baby.  How does a modern day mother manage the situation?

One option is to secure a professional to help. Many families are choosing to hire a newborn care specialist, doula, or night nanny to support them when the baby comes. It still takes a village, but one professional can make all the difference. An NCS is an expert who will teach and encourage Mom while she navigates motherhood, empowering her at her own pace. Having extra support at night means getting more sleep, which new moms and dads always need. Parents are learning how to care for their babies, picking up all those tips and tricks an experienced pro has to offer, with none of the judgment one might get from a relative

For many parents, there is a shift in their childcare needs around the 8-16 week mark. Maternity and paternity leave are probably coming to an end. That awesome night nanny has the baby sleeping longer stretches at night. New parents may even be ready to get back to adult conversations and business as usual. Ready or not, this may be the time to hire a daytime nanny. This can be an emotional process, as parents are often torn between staying home and returning to work. Ultimately, the person hired is going to be part of the parenting team, which means selecting a nanny who is the right fit.

Modern families are finding many ways to meet the demanding needs of childrearing. The village may look different today, but we still need one.

Cortney Gibson
Director of Client Relations, Crunch Care
Newborn Care Specialist, Sleep Consultant & Parent Educator

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