Finding a Long Term San Diego Nanny or Babysitter

Mother helping children with their homework.Top ten things you know about finding a long term babysitter or nanny in San Diego:

Find someone who has nannied or babysat for more then 2-3 years for each family

Look for someone who has lived in your area doing that type of work for a long time

If your position is truly a babysitting position that is more sporadic hire 2 people at a time to build a rotation for your family

Look for a nanny or babysitter that is familiar with the San Diego region for activities and driving purposes

Ideally hire a professional who is Trustline by the State of CA

Identify a nanny or babysitter that brings crafts and plans for your family

Make sure your hire is open to light housework (although the position may be babysitting only you don’t want to come home to a mess)

Conduct a private background check

Make sure you long term hire is committed to growing with you family

Hiring the right San Diego Nanny or Babysitter can be a daunting task. Using a staffing agency like Crunch Care can eliminate some of the challenges of making a successful hire. Contact us for more information at

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