Hiring a Housekeeper In Orange County

Identifying a reputable, hard working Housekeeper in Orange County or Southern California can be a challenging task. At Crunch Care we pride ourselves in being able to vet the most qualified applicants out of hundreds each year to work in our client’s homes. When we advertise for a Housekeeping position in Orange County we can receive upwards of 75 resumes per position. Out of 75 applicants we may be interested in phone screening 15 and then bringing in 6-7 for an interview. Out of the 6-7 interviews we are likely to accept 4 candidates. The process can feel like we are looking for a needle in a haystack but when we present a candidate to a client to interview there is typically a 25% chance they will be hired. We like to see our clients interview 4-6 candidates per position and spend some time trialing a Housekeeper before they move forward with extending an offer. Our success rate on our placements is over 99% and our turnover rates are extremely low, today at under 2% per year.

Some of the key determining factors in successfully planning a nanny in Orange County are as follows:

Stable employment history-We like to see our Housekeepers work for families in long blocks of time. A good example is 4 years with one family, then 8 years with another. We do not look at applicants with less than 2 years typically at most of their positions.

Actually working in a private residence-Ideally we are not looking for Housekeeper applicants that have worked for a cleaning service but preferably applicants who have worked in a private home as an employee of the family. This gives a stronger scope in detail cleaning, ironing, and cooking meals.

Having the ability to understand and communicate effectively-being able to fully understand the instructions of an employer is essential. In our qualification process we are diligent in making sure the potential Housekeeper can follow directions clearly.

Having a clear background check including driving record-most of our client’s Housekeeping positions require the Housekeeper to work in the home without the client’s there possibly when they are at work. Having a clear local background check, Social Security Verification, national database scan, Sexual Offender check, and clear driving record are essential. Occasionally clients will request we run a civil background check along with a credit check. Having a fully clear background is essential.

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