Hiring a Live-In Nanny Has Numerous Advantages

When looking to hire a live-in nanny, Crunch Care can help you find the perfect fit. Working with a nanny agency like Crunch Care will ensure that you find a nanny that you can form a longstanding relationship with and create balance in your home.

Advantages of a Live-In Nanny

  • A live-in nanny provides more flexibility. It means your caregiver is never late because she lives with you, and it also makes it simpler for you if an emergency suddenly comes up.
  • A live-in nanny becomes part of your family over time. As she interacts with your children and you on a daily basis, you’ll form a stronger relationship.
  • Since you pay for room and board for a live-in nanny, you can offer incentives and less spending money than a live-out nanny.
  • A live-in nanny can be counted on because she is vetted by Crunch Care before stepping foot in your home.
  • A live-in nanny is more than a babysitter. She will assume responsibilities such as house cleaning and errands while the kids are at school. If you work long hours, you can also arrange for your live-in nanny to make dinner for you and your family.

If you would like to explore options for a live-in nanny, please contact the Crunch Care team, who will work to find a perfect fit for you and your family. From background and reference checks to interviews, Crunch Care manages the entire search process from start to finish. Call today 877-553-4231.

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