Hot List on How to Train Your Nanny in Orange County and San Diego

Here is our hot 5 list on how to train your Orange County nanny!  When hiring a nanny in Orange County the following list of available resources and recommended training is worth reviewing.  Please take what you like and incorporate some ideas of your own that apply to your family.

  • The International Nanny Association Credentials Exam-Send your nanny to the International Nanny Association’s Annual Conference for an opportunity to take the credentials exam.
  • The International Nanny Association Conference-Nannies come from all over the world to have the opportunity of a world class “nanny education”.  From different parenting philosophies to the psychology of helping a family through a divorce your Orange County nanny is sure to be well versed and motivated when they leave.
  • Annual First Aid and CPR Training provided by the local YMCA.  Here is a link to a list of trainings in Orange County for your nanny.
  • Have your nanny visit Sitter Cycle and take one of the many fantastic online classes available from Baby Signing to The 15 Guide To Getting You Baby to Sleep.
  • Take a formal training in becoming a Newborn Care Specialist with Multiple Blessings in Southern California.  This is offered to nannies in Orange County.

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