How to Choose a Nanny Agency in San Diego and Orange County

Choosing the right nanny service in San Diego and Orange County can be a confusing process. There are multiple agencies in town that offer and variety of services that cater to different types of clients. This article is to highlight some of the things that differentiate Crunch Care of San Diego/Orange County from other nanny agencies locally.

Corporate Recruiting Industry Experience:
In San Diego/Orange County there are very few if any recruiting agencies that work at a domestic level that have years of experience in the corporate recruiting world. At Crunch Care we believe that a nanny agency should offer the same expertise if not more than what is offered in the corporate world. Most San Diego/Orange County nannies agencies are focussed on child development while we like to think of ourselves as experts in the world of hiring, management, and retention of nannies and other household employees. Of course we have childcare/development experts on our team as well but the corporate recruiting experience combined makes a huge difference.

Retention Experts:
As a San Diego/Orange County nanny agency we pride ourselves in the ability to not only fill your open childcare and domestic positions, but to be able to retain your employees and grow with them over the years. The stress and cost of repeatedly having to replace your in home team is a difficult process when there are children involved. From the time your placement is made, and for years after we consult with clients on the evolution of the position as families grow and needs change. Learning the best way to retain your help is crucial and we stand by our placements.

International Nanny Association Member:
Not only are we members of the International Nanny Association but our Founder and CEO, Stacie Steelman, sits on the Board of Directors for the organization. The affiliation to the INA has proven effective for both our clients and nannies over the years, setting the industry standard of excellence. The INA is a directive for standards across the board for both general nanny practices, training, and resources for our clients families. As a nanny agency in San Diego/Orange County this is a must, along with being a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Back Up Care Services:
We are the only nanny agency in San Diego/Orange County that offers back up care as an additional option for our clients making us one of the only full service domestic staffing agencies in San DIego. A huge portion of the business we do is business to business offering group discounts to corporations at a local level for back up care services including the use of our Nannies, Babysitters, Night Nurses, and Caregivers on a temporary basis. We offer on call solutions for clients in a bind for mildly sick children or long term services at a discounted rate.

Choosing a San Diego/Orange County nanny agency can be a difficult process. Whether you are simply looking for a once a week babysitter, back up care, or long term placement solutions Crunch Care offers a variety of custom solutions. For more information on the services we offer contact our offices at or call 858-228-5584, ext.1.

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