How to Hire a Nanny in San Francisco

If you want to identify a career nanny in San Francisco on your own try these great resources and use the following general guidelines:

  • Recruit from everywhere.  Craigslist,, online job boards at the Universities, print ads, friends, and community organizations.
  • Only review nannies with 2 plus years experience at each position and consistent work history.
  • Conduct references (3 professional at a minimum) after a short phone interview before conducting an in person interview.
  • Use an interview sheet to ask general nanny questions and make sure your nanny is comfortable with the San Francisco area.
  • Make sure your nanny candidate has thorough background check including a local San Francisco search (by county), a National Criminal File check, Social Security Verification, Sex Offender check, Department of Motor Vehicles check, and any additional credentials verified.
  • Take the time to put together a nanny contract or offer letter defining the duties of the job and have your future nanny sign it.
  • Make sure to be prepared to properly orient, train, and communicate with your new San Francisco nanny.

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