How To Use Your Orange County Personal Assistant

Here are some recommendations on how families may utilize their Orange County Personal Assistant or what we like to call PA.  It is typical in Southern California for a family to hire a Personal Assistant usually between 20-35 hours per week depending on the scope of the position.  Many families who hire an after school nanny incorporate Personal Assistant duties into this position and have the PA start earlier in the day at least 3 days per week to facilitate non child care related duties.

  • A strong assistant should clean out old clothing every 6 months.
  • Create a storage system for clothes that will be passed on through the family.
  • Do all the shopping for groceries and household supplies.  Utilize an application such as Grocery IQ and keep track of lists on as many different stores as your family shops at.
  • Drop off and pick up the dry cleaning.
  • Walk the pets and keep track of supplies.
  • Keep track of household supplies.
  • Manage household services and facilitate appointments.
  • If you have kids have her/him keep track of the upcoming birthday parties and create a “gift closet” full of gender appropriate gifts.
  • Pay the bills online.
  • Help with entertaining planning and shopping.

There are a million ways to effectively utilize your Orange County Personal Assistant.  For further consultation on what can be expected fin a position such as this contact  We are happy to provide guidance in appropriate duties to make the most of this position.

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