INA 2015 Conference Speakers! Have Your Nanny Attend this Spring!

From international speaker, Family Physician and parenting expert Dr. Debora Gilboa (a.k.a. Doctor G) to industry experts including Stella Reid, Julie Swales, Beth Yohe, Kandice Cole and more, INA’s nanny speaker lineup is designed to give your career a personal and professional boost.

INA Conference Nanny Track Speakers & Workshops
From Nannywood to Hollywood: What it takes to nanny for a high profile family Stella Reid and Julie Swales

Nanny Stella and Julie Swales weave humorous stories from their many years working in the Hollywood Nanny industry as they share insight into what it takes to be a nanny for a high profile client.  Nannies will take away tools that will prove valuable in the organizing, planning and everyday childcare for the families they work for.

Stella Reid
For over 20 years, Nanny Stella has positively impacted the lives of families all over the world, with her expertise and passion as a solution-based family consultant. Stella is a real-life British Nanny, and is regarded as one of the top authorities on parenting. As an author, TV star, and consultant to celebrities and families, her renowned parenting methods are accredited and proven.
Wife/Mom/Sleep Consultant/Parent Coach/Momentrepreneur

Julie Swales 
Julie Swales is the director of the child care division of the Elizabeth Rose Agency, which she started 18 years ago and partner in our new San Francisco office. Before working at Elizabeth Rose, Julie worked as a nanny in the Los Angeles area and was heavily involved in the Big Sister program in Southeast LA. After relocating here from London, Julie and her sister founded the Y.E.S. Foundation, working directly with the L.A.P.D. Jeopardy group, a program for at-risk children and teens. Simply said, Julie love kids. She believe this love, together with her BA in Psychology and MA in Applied Psychology, supports her in managing the sometimes tricky dynamics of the child care industry.

How to Guide Your Tween/teen to Independence Without Losing Your Mind Debora Gilboa, M.D., Doctor G
Caring for kids aged 10-18 is some of the most challenging and rewarding work that nannies can do. Do you feel ready for the conversations and negotiations coming your way? Doctor G will help you anticipate the roadblocks and find the joy in raising tweens and teens to be respectful, responsible and resilient people who are ready to leave us, even when we’re not ready for them to leave!

Bullying in the Digital Age Beth Yohe
Bullying is no longer confined to the schoolyard. Today cyberbullying can proliferate in an instant, emotionally scarring young people and disrupting their life. In this interactive workshop, participants will increase their understanding and awareness about cyberbullying. This knowledge will assist caregivers in helping youth respond in appropriate ways to incidents of cyberbullying and in promoting safe and respectful online environments for all people. Participants will gain strategies to effectively discuss and respond to youth’s experiences with cyberbullying and help youth to build skills to be an ally when they witness cyberbullying.

Beth Yohe is the Director of Training for the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Education Division.  Beth oversees the development of training and curricular materials for the ADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCEÒ Institute, a leading provider of anti-bias education, bullying prevention and social justice training, delivered across the country and internationally. In her role, she has written training programs on a variety of topic areas including identity-based bullying prevention, addressing cyberbullying, religious respect, ally-building, analyzing curriculum through a social justice lens and facilitation skills.  Beth is a board member for the International Bullying Prevention Association and is an advisory board member to MTV’s anti-bias campaign, Look Different. She has a Master of Science degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Texas A&M University.

Kids Pushing your Buttons? How to Manage Anger…Yours and Theirs MaryAnn Brittingham

When caretakers and children are unable to appropriately deal with their anger and the circumstances that caused it, they become victims and are controlled by the people or situations that made them angry. They do not take responsibility for their actions and never really discover what is truly under their angry feelings. The goal of this workshop is to empower adults and children to manage their anger and resolve conflicts.

MaryAnn Brittingham has extensive firsthand experience in working with challenging behaviors in a variety of settings. As a special education teacher, child/family counselor, and parent/teacher educator she is a sought-after speaker and seminar leader. She focuses on practical solutions for helping children be successful at both home and school.

MaryAnn provides you with a high energy, inspirational seminar filled with a wealth of insights and useful ideas you can implement immediately.
M.S. Family and Child Counseling
B.S. in Elementary Education
B.S. in Special Education Teacher Emotionally Handicapped Children (Grades K-12)
Adjunct Instructor at SUNY at New Paltz, Marist College in Hyde Park and SNHU in Vermont.

Creating Everyday Learning Experience Kandice Cole
Teachable moments are not just for the classroom. Each day presents us a million ways to learn if we simply notice.  In this workshop, you will learn simple ways to foster creative learning with the children you care for through everyday experiences.

Kandice brings over 14 years of experience working with children ages 3 to 14 in a variety of settings including education, nonprofit sectors, and as a babysitter and nanny. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago, having earned a B.A. in Psychology and a Master Degree in Teaching and Education. She has taught Pre-K-4th grade in public schools in Sacramento and Chicago. She is dedicated to strengthening student’s literacy skills. She has also mentored and taught pre-service teachers in the University of Chicago’s Urban Teacher Education Program. Additionally, she has provided literacy consulting to University of Chicago Charter Schools, working with struggling readers.

Values and Culture:  How These Influence Parenting and Caregiving Styles Alyce Desrosiers, LCSW

This workshop illustrates and examines how personal values affect how you care for children.  A nanny’s personal experiences in their own family and culture influence what you believe is important for children to learn about the world.  Who you are as a nanny is how you are when caring for young children.  It will also address the cultural reasons parents may make decisions about discipline and childcare.

Since 1994 Chirp has assisted hundreds of San Francisco Bay Area families hire best-fit nannies while creating close relationships with nannies that have qualities and characteristics to fit a family’s particular needs.

Chirp’s founder, Alyce Desrosiers, LCSW is an expert in the industry on a wide range of topics covering nanny employment and the parent-nanny-child relationship. She is also well-informed on public policy issues and current research affecting children and families.

Watch for information in the coming weeks on our Newborn Care Specialist Track and Agency Track Speakers.

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