JFLA/Feit4Kidz Interest-Free Fertility Loans

Recently through a parenting group of of Los Angeles we were able to connect with Daphna Nissanoff-Gerendash from the Jewish Free Loan Association in Los Angeles about this extremely progressive organization and specifically program related to interest free loans for IVF.  Please read about this fascinating program and connect with her if you know someone this could benefit.

JFLA/Feit4Kidz Interest-Free Fertility Loans

Alan and Emily Feit struggled with infertility four times before they had a successful pregnancy.  The challenge was so stressful and by the fifth time they made a promise to God.  The promise was that should the fifth attempt be successful they would donate an equal amount of money they spent on all their treatments to an organization that would enable people that could not afford IVF treatments the opportunity to try it.  They were successful the fifth time and that is when they reached out to JFLA.  Jewish Free Loan Association allowed their initial seed money to help many people time and time again because as the loan is paid back the money goes right back into the community to help someone else.  Below is information on our IVF loan

Thanks to a generous gift from Alan and Emily Feit, Jewish Free Loan (we are non-sectarian, and do not need to be Jewish to receive funding) can address the needs of individuals and couples in Southern California struggling with infertility, in vitro fertilization bills, and expenses, by providing them with interest-free loans of up to $15,000. Two guarantors with steady income and good credit are required for these loans.

Jewish Free Loan hopes to relieve the financial burden that mounting expenses related to in vitro fertilization can place upon families struggling to conceive.

Loan Features:

· Interest-free loan up to $15,000

· Choose any doctor, any clinic, pharmacy or agency, Check goes directly to you

· Zero Interest, Zero Fees

· Quick online application, followed by in person meeting

· Check for full amount mailed to applicant once loan is approved

· Fast turn- around (typically takes 1-2 weeks)

· Loans are paid back in small monthly increments over a 3-5 year period

· We do not check credit score of applicant


Applicant must reside in Los Angeles or Ventura County.

Two guarantors with steady income and credit of 680 or higher is required.

Guarantors must reside in the state of California and be 25 years or older.

Contact: For more information, or to apply, visit

or Email:

Daphna Nissanoff-Gerendash

Jewish Free Loan

Director of Marketing and Strategic Relationships

Ph: 323-605-2215

*Watch this video to see how JFLA has helped so many others:
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