Jobs Come to You in Orange County

If you are looking for a work as a sitter, you have several options including sites like or SitterCity, responding to ads online line from sites like Craig’s List, or ads in print media such as your local newspaper or publications such as the Penny Saver.  In Orange County a Babysitter Service is a great option, especially for teachers, nannies, nurses and students that are looking for extra work.  There are multiple benefits of working for a babysitter service or nanny agency such as Crunch Care…  The work comes to you as opposed to having to find it on your own, pay rates are very competitive, and you have reliable trustworthy support.

Here we will address how the work comes to you.  Who wouldn’t like that!  How nice would it be to wake up in the morning to multiple opportunities to work that day, the next, the following week, etc.?  When you work with a sitter service, that is exactly what happens.  Once you have been pre-screened (interview, employment verification, reference checks, background checks, etc.), you can be added to the sitter service’s call database.  The protocol for working for services such as ours, is that once you are in the database, the job and relevant details (date(s), time, location, ages of children, and pay) are called out.  If you are interested, you respond…  if you are not, you simply ignore.  What’s not to like about that?!  There is no obligation to accept the job, so you just choose the ones that appeal to you!

If working for an Orange County Babysitter Service sounds like something that would be of interest, and you would like more information, please send your resume to Crunch Care of Orange County at

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