Mindfully Empowered. 

Parenting three or more. Let’s talk about it. This specific article resonated with me and it is not often I do a personal share. Enjoy it I did.  

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Who is Mindfully Empowered?

Mindfully Empowered is the brainchild of Debbie Zeichner and Corie Wightlin – mindfulness practitioners, educators and parents themselves – who felt there was a need for a local, mindfulness resource to support, guide and EMPOWER children, teens, parents and educators in developing the essential skills and inner strength necessary to effectively manage the stress, anxiety and social issues commonly faced by youth and families today.

Debbie’s knowledge and expertise in mindful/positive parenting, parent coaching and parent education along with Corie’s 16 years of elementary school teaching experience, combined with their respective trainings in mindfulness practice, made for the ideal partnership. Debbie and Corie are truly passionate about teaching and embodying the very practices that have profoundly affected each of their lives and the lives of their families.

Debbie obtained her BA in Psychology and Family Studies from the University of Arizona and her Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) from San Diego State University. She is a proud mother of two and lives in San Diego, CA.

Corie obtained her BA from Occidental College in Cognitive Science with an emphasis in Psychology and a Masters in Education and Literacy  from University of San Diego.  Corie has 3 children and lives in San Diego, California.


Mindfully Empowered

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