More than a Babysitter: What to Look for in a Nanny

When it comes to childcare, most parents have a few phone numbers on standby for trustworthy babysitters. This is great for date nights and special events when looking for childcare for just a couple of hours. However, for a long term or full time solution, a nanny can be the perfect answer. In addition, looking into nanny agencies such as Crunch Care can help you in choosing a pre-screened nanny who is qualified to help your family out. Here’s a look at a few factors to consider when choosing a nanny.


A babysitter can be helpful when looking for someone to watch over a child for a few hours on a Friday night. However, a nanny is often hired on more of a full time basis. This person should be available to care for the child for a specified amount of time each week, whether full time or part time. Determining the schedule, specific needs, and pay rate early on will set expectations that will create a pleasant experience for everyone involved.


Because a nanny is a hired position, this person should have experience in child care. The teenager down the street may be able to help a family out in a pinch, but a babysitter certainly isn’t a full time position. A nanny will have experience with the day to day tasks that come with having a child. Cooking meals, planning outings, and keeping up with a child’s schedule are all part of a full time nanny job. Choosing someone who has previous experience with these tasks can make all the difference.


A full time nanny will spend a tremendous amount of time with a child. For that reason, it’s important to ensure that certain qualifications are met. Screenings and evaluations can provide valuable information to ensure that an individual is able to provide a safe environment for children and provide quality care. Knowing a nanny’s background can be very helpful. A background in nursing or education, for example, will mean that an individual has special skills that can add to a nanny’s abilities.

Personal Relationship

There are many people who may seem perfect on paper. However, until there is a face to face meeting, it can be difficult to understand personality. A full time nanny will spend a great deal of time with a family. Choosing a person that the whole family feels comfortable with can help to form a strong relationship and an excellent childcare experience.

Where to Find Nannies?

Crunch Care is a nanny agency that has a list of nannies ready to help your family out. All nannies, personal assistants, and care givers have been background checked.  Nanny agencies such as Crunch Care are more beneficial to families in need of a long term nanny because the nanny you select is qualified and trained to build relationships not only with your child but also with you for the long run. Your mind will be at ease knowing that the nanny you selected has been pre approved by an agency so don’t fret, a helping hand is just a click away.

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