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We have an amazing opportunity to offer our nannies Newborn Care Specialist training.  This is an amazing opportunity to learn a skill that leads to booking opportunities caring for newborns during both day and night shifts.  Our NCS positions pay typically between $20-27 per hour and are very much in demand at this time.  Please consider going to this training with one of our favorite RN’s on board with Crunch Care who provides these trainings through Multiple Blessings.

Have you wanted to do more work with babies, but weren’t quite confident of your skills with newborns?  We would love to support you in your career and help you become a NEWBORN CARE SPECIALIST!

We are Multiple Blessings, a Newborn Care Specialist training agency, who offers both group and private training!

Our training covers what you need to know about being an in home Newborn Care Specialist. We offer the best quality of training and are an NCSA approved course. Our San Diego instructor is a Registered Nurse with 15 yrs of Nursing experience including her work as a Labor & Delivery Nurse; Postpartum Mother/Baby Nurse; Certified Childbirth Educator; Infant Massage and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor.

This class is fun, interactive and full of knowledge! Students who have been nannies for over 20 years are amazed at how much they learned during our course…

Course Content;
*Fetal Development
*Preemies and Kangaroo Care
*What the newborn looks like
*Circumcision Care
*Umbilical Cord Care
*Newborn Reflexes
*Tongue Tied
*Breastfeeding (including storage and handling)
*Formulas (Pros/Cons and comparisons, mixing and handling)
*Rashes and treatments
*Cloth and Disposable Diapers
*Soothing Techniques
*CPR and First Aid
*Shaken Baby Syndrome
*Sleep patterns
*Routines and Scheduling
*Basic care (bathing, dressing, diapering, etc)
*Newborn safety
*Development from birth to 18 months
*Well Baby Exams and Vaccinations
*Breastfeeding issues for mom
*C-Section Care
*Sibling involvement
*Working in a private home
*Interviewing as an NCS
*Issues that may arise during an assignment

We offer this to you as a two day class (group or private training available; in person or on-line options as well). During class, each student will get a copy of the 200 page NCS manual (yours to keep, great for on-the-job reference). We will provide doll, Swaddle and materials for use during class.

You will be given access to take the NCS certification exam to complete at home. Upon completion you will get your NCS Course Completion Certificate. The Newborn Care Specialist training is being offered for the discounted price of $350 to Crunch Care Nannies with ongoing 24/7 support post training!

You can visit us online at Multiple Blessings – Welcome or contact Sarah through email or by phone 310.403.2016.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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