We provide a wide array of services from temporary and long term in home Child Care Providers and Private Educators, to employee-sponsored child care programs. We are experts at providing these services in 5 metropolitan US cities. For a complete guide to answer all of your frequently asked questions click here!

Short Term-Back Up Child Care

From time to time, all families have a need for a short-term Care Provider or Nanny, whether it’s someone to fill in when daycare is closed, drive to and from their doctor appointments, a date night, or to cover for their regular Nanny’s vacation. Allow us to handle all arrangements and scheduling for your short-term care needs.  Our short term employment services can also be used for Camp@Home and Private Education support services relative to School@Home.

This service can be used for any care typically under 6 months long or for a position with a variable schedule. It is our goal to provide consistency with our Care Providers, utilizing the same employee on a repeat basis, or building a small rotation for your family. This service can also be used for events.

A Nanny, Private Educator, or Domestic Employee is considered either an employee of the family or the employment agency representing them. Our hourly rate encompasses employee’s salary, agency fees, payroll costs, tax filings, workers’ compensation, and basic insurance. There is no need to worry about being the employer or tax obligations when utilizing this service. Our team handles all of that for you.

COVID-19-During this critical time we are following strict health care protocols to keep both our families and Care Providers and Private Educators safe.  We are encouraging our team to be current on all vaccinations.  Our team is trained to follow strict healthcare practices, regular health care evaluations prior to each shift, and we focus on placement practices that provide stability and safety for all.

Rates begin at $38.50 per hour.

Newborn Care overnight rates begin at $45 per hour.

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Employer-Sponsored Backup Care

Improve overall moral and employee attendance by offering your employees a benefits program for an emergency, planned in-home care services, and education support services via School@Home. Backup Care benefits offer your employees back-up and long term care solutions for in-home child care and education support. Companies can opt to subsidize the entire program or a percentage annually or simply offer a group discount to their employees with reimbursement options.

Join what companies like Qualcomm via LifeCare, The University of San Diego, Care.com, and Bright Horizons find to be an excellent benefit for their employees and staff. We subcontract and contract directly with corporations such as Apple, Bank of America, Google, Chase, NBC-Universal, and more.

Under normal circumstances 45% of absenteeism of employees and losses of over $3 billion annually are due to is due to child care breakdowns.  This equates to at least 8 days a year of missed work as a standard.  In the environment surrounding COVID-19 employers and families are struggling significantly to find the balance of having children and infants at home, hence drastically increasing employee attendance issues to an alarming all-time high, even when working from home.  Companies are suffering and facing a loss of overwhelming amounts of revenue, while at the same time families growing concerns for the safest care possible over the next few months are coming to the forefront of our new normal.  Find out how you can help your employees gain some peace of mind and focus on the critical work that they do.

For more information about Corporate HR Benefits through our Employer-Sponsored Backup Care contact us.  Learn more about existing options in today’s market by reading our latest blog Employee Resources in a Critical Time.

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Long Term Placements

If your family or office employee is looking to meet an employment need that is 6 months or longer and is intended to be a stable long term position, we recommend a Long Term Placement. Essentially Crunch Care handles the entire hiring process from helping consult and identify the long term need, source, evaluate, schedule interviews, and extend and offer to a candidate.  We work with both private families and HR Departments to facilitate this service.  Positions include a wide range of positions including Nannies, Private Educators via our School@Home program, Newborn Care Specialists, and Domestic Professionals such as Housekeepers.

Placement fees are as follows:

  • 15-18% of total annual gross compensation-180-day replacement
  • 20% of total annual gross compensation-180-day replacement for more complex cases in all service cities including Live-In, Special Needs, and Personal Assistants and applies to positions in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Portland and Seattle
  • Minimum of 30 hours, $250 non-refundable deposit applies ($1k live-in), deposit may be higher based on the salary and complexity of the search
  • If we take a search with under 30 hours a week $5000 minimum fee applies with no guarantee

Deposit is non-refundable and included and applied as a credit in the total fee.  If the client changes hours during the term of position, the fee will be reconciled and billed to the correct amount. If the client changes position during the search, a new deposit will be processed.  Cancellation fee applies.

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*All placements include a standard background check by Sterling  including felony and misdemeanor check county or state wide when available, DMV, Social Security Verification, Sexual Offender File check, Trustline background registry filing,  and other background check options are available upon request for an additional fee.

*Trustline is a mandatory state run background check program run by the California Department of Social Services and the FBI. It is a requirement by all agencies in the State of California to ensure all applicants referred have this detailed background check. It is not simply a one time check, but an ongoing monitor of the person you hire to work in your home

Sleep Consultations

We are happy to consult on sleep solutions for newborns and infants through 6 months of age. Call our offices for a detailed description of resources provided and different consultations available.  Rates begin at $250 per hour.

Due Diligence

We provide a broad menu of services for background checks that are personally performed, evaluated, and interpreted by our professional recruiting team. Our background check partner is the preferred vendor for the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA). Working beside our internal staff, they give guidance to each client individually. Select from the below menu of services or call our office for information on this important part of your search.  Rates begin at $150.

Weddings, Events, Conferences

Offer your guests and clients a trusted resource for a variety of events by providing babysitting or caregiving services. Rates begin at $42 per hour.

Hotel and Vacation Care

Babysitters, nannies, and caregivers are available for out of town guests staying at local hotels or vacation rentals. Our Recruiting Team coordinates with individual visitors as well as hotel staff to accommodate your specific needs. We look forward to working with you.