Necessity is the Mother of Invention, A Great Product for Kids Under 2

Recently a good friend of mine launched a product that we feel it an essential when it comes to meal time for kids under 2.  Please check out Karen Kart’s product Adi, the Stay-Put Plate.

By Karen Weiss Kart, inventor of Adi, the Stay-Put Plate

When it comes to eating with a toddler, having the right product can make mealtime enjoyable or a total disaster. Currently, the portable placemat products or bowls use adhesive or suction to affix to a table surface.  However, a curious toddler can easily remove it and toss it aside.

That curious toddler turned out to be my 18-month-old daughter.  While dining out one day, she pulled a self-adhesive placemat off the table.  Food went flying everywhere and landed on a man seated at the table behind us.  There were peas stuck in his hair, meatballs on his head, and his nice white dress shirt was covered with spaghetti and red sauce.  In that moment, the idea for Adi was born.

Adi is the perfect mealtime solution! It’s a stylish, modern, and whimsical stay-put plate that appeals to both kids and grownups.  Your child will love the cute penguin shape, and you will cherish how well it works.

Adi is the only plate specifically engineered to stay in place.  Its innovative design includes a strong suction base combined with a quick release tab allowing for easy removal, but…only by a grownup.  The tab’s clever placement is out of sight + out of reach for curious little fingers.  Together, they keep your child’s food in place on a table or high chair so you can enjoy a mess-free mealtime.

Adi is lightweight and portable for on-the-go parents and caregivers.  Simply place the snap-tight lid on, toss it in your bag, and take it with you to a playdate, the park, or a restaurant.  When you get home, you can keep leftovers in the fridge.

My award-winning prototype was developed by a team of engineering students at UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, one of the top 10 engineering schools in the country.  Then, in 2013, I collaborated with an exceptional designer with experience designing top-notch children’s products to create a more retail-ready prototype.

I’ve put a lot of time, attention, and love into every feature and detail of this product.  I worked for years on Adi, iterating through 11 rounds of 3-D prototyping to find the perfect integration between the whimsical, fun aesthetic of the penguin design and high quality functionality.  I tested it out on grownups and lots of kids to make sure that Adi does what it’s supposed to: make your life easier

Currently, I’m 100% done with the product development phase and happy to report that my patent was recently approved. The support we receive from Kickstarter will allow us to buy production tools and order the first production run of 5,000 units from the manufacturer.  Our goal is to deliver the highest quality and safest product to your children.

Discounts on pre-orders of Adi available on Kickstarter until 10/30. Snatch one up while they last!

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