Orange County Babysitter Services

Finding trustworthy, reliable childcare is a challenge for many parents, especially if they are new to the area, or do not live close by to family members.  Even families that have a nanny, or friends and family that live close by that can watch the children, will occasionally need a back-up plan.  In Orange County using a babysitter service is a great option for many families.

Families can trust that a reliable babysitter service has properly vetted (interviewed, verified employment, checked references, etc.) and background checked the sitters they work with.   Further, established services have a large candidate pool, and are often able to accommodate last minute requests.  This is something that can come in handy for many families, especially when childcare plans fall through at the last minute.

In Orange County a Babysitter Service can also be a great resource for families that are looking for someone to watch their home while they are out of town, or to take care of pets.  Babysitters are often accustomed to and have experience with both house and pet sitting.  It can be very helpful to have someone to call upon if for example you will be out all day, and need someone to let the dog out, or take them on a short walk.  As far as housesitting, many families like to have someone that can stop by everyday and pick up the mail, bring in any packages, water the plants, and to generally make sure things are looked after.

For more information on an Orange County Babysitter Service, please give Crunch Care a call at (949) 415-7350.

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