Resume Writing Tips from this Nanny Agency in Orange County

As a nanny agency in Orange County, we review thousands of resumes every year qualifying potential nanny candidates. The resume is often the first point of contact between our agency (or potential family) and the nanny. As such, every effort should be made on the art of the nanny to present a well-written resume as to the reader it will demonstrate professionalism, attention to detail, the ability to communicate effectively, as well as the desire to get the job.

Following are some of the things that should be considered when writing a resume as a nanny:

  • Employment history should include dates of employment, the ages the children were upon hire, and a brief list or description of job duties. Any duties or circumstances that are out of the ordinary (e.g. working with a special needs child), should be highlighted.
  • Education should not only include degrees obtained, but also any courses that have been taken that relate to child-care (e.g. Newborn Care Specialist classes).
  • Hobbies, interests and special skills (e.g. speaking a second language) are also important.
  • Finally, be sure to include appropriate contact information, and be sure to run SPELL CHECK!!!

When looking for a nanny, most families are looking for someone that is professional, not the babysitter next door. A well written resume is the best way to demonstrate professionalism.

By: Kelly Welker, MBA, President Crunch Care Orange County

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