San Diego Nanny Agency and Orange County Nanny Agency Specializes In Back Up Care

Crunch Care, a San Diego based nanny agency with locations in both San Diego and Orange County serves a niche market in the back up care arena by staffing families with same day service for mildly sick child care and other emergency needs.

Back up care can be for any sporadic or short term need ranging from a mild ear infection to a nanny calling out sick with for the week. Crunch Care staffs 65 percent child care related positions and typically 35 percent that are non child related such as general Caregivers, Personal Assistants, Housekeepers, and non medical related Companion Caregivers.

Crunch Care has staff on call most days from 6:30am-10:30pm and staff up to 5 emergency positions on any typical day. Their staff is divided between back up care/short term staffing requests and long term searches that are not back up care related. Each team member has a different area of expertise and focus to provide their clients with a complete level of service.

The internal team is adept at working on difficult cases that require creative solutions. For example, a mother with twins who has not planned for night time coverage may request a Newborn Care Specialist for a 2 week period to catch up on her sleep or fully recover from the birth and or medical complications of surgery. Another example is a mother of an infant with a heart condition and failure to thrive may need a very experienced nanny to oversee and assist her on a last minute basis but trust that the help is qualified at expert level. The cases range from being extremely complex to being as simple as a Saturday date night out.

Very few nanny agencies in San Diego and overall Southern California focus on this type of recruiting and placement. Crunch Care feels that the quality of the talent they recruit when working on long term positions is easily carried over into the back up care/short term side of the business and is a great benefit to their clients.

The team at Crunch Care work with some of the largest national back up care companies and services private clients as well. They are always available to answer questions related to both back up care and long term search and give each client a one on one consultation to truly understand the depth of the cases they are working on. Contact Crunch Care of San Diego for more information at 858-228-5584, ext.1.

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