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PNN School@Home logo #2The Fall of 2020 will present challenges to families with education options limited, school operating remotely in many parts of the country, activities more limited, and parents needing flexibility in education support to bring some sanity to a challenging home school environment.

School@Home is a program intended to provide parents with support at home for the eLearning environment.  This can mean a variety of things for each family therefore custom solutions are available.

Our School@Home Private Educators must have 2 years of experience in a school environment or be a credentialed teacher.  Families can share a Private Educator to make a full-time position or simply reduce the hourly costs.  School@Home is offered in-person and remotely as well.

Crunch Care offers School@Home on a temporary short term basis where we act as the employer or as a placement service where the family employs directly.  Placements are highly recommended students at the High School level and up.  We consult with each family on their specific needs and options when utilizing this service.

We are here to take the mystery out of the remote learning process and build the support system necessary for managing it at home.  Schedule a consult for more information.

School@Home is for children ages 3 and up.

The Sustainability of the Not So New Normal, a blog post by our Founder and CEO


Short Term rates begin at $33 and can go up to $59 per hour with full employment support depending on the credentials of the Private Educator and specific requests of the family

Long Term placement fees begin at 15% with a 6-month replacement period, for placements under 4 months 25% of salary with 30-day replacement period, minimum fee $2500 regardless of placement length

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If you would like to sign your children up individually or know a family you would like to coordinate with to reduce costs and safely and allow for more social interaction for your children simply click the Get Started button and someone from our offices will contact you consult shortly!