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In order to consult with you we ask that all potential clients fill out our paperwork so we can better evaluate your need before a call.  You will not be charged for any services until you place an official order or request but it will allow our team to better understand the need and urgency. Due to the extreme demand for Care Providers at this time we have found the need to streamline our processes.

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Qualification Process

Our back up care and short terms services can be used for many things:

  • Vacation bookings (we have Care Providers in so many locations, fly a CP with you and set a schedule OR check with us we may have a CP where you are traveling to!  Common areas we services are LA, Nantucket, The Hamptons, NYC, Denver, Las Vegas and more)
  • Date nights
  • Nanny on Vacation
  • Temporary solution while waiting for school to start
  • School breaks
  • Mildly sick child care
  • Parties
  • Group events
  • Mental break
  • Backup care

Companies like Bright Horizons, Qualcomm, Apple, Google, Bank of America and UCSD Faculty refer their staff to us for this type of service for the reliability and quality of life it brings their employees.  We offer same day service, and will staff our existing clients outside of normal business hours.

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Short Term Care Rates-Inclusive of service fees, Provider’s salary, employment and tax filings, workers compensation and other insurances, and processing fees.  

Rates begin at $38.50 per hour and typically can go up to $55 per hour.

All rates are subject to complexity and Overtime and Double-time applicable to State law requirements. Inclusive of Health Care Ordinance Fees related to San Francisco and other related cities.

Deposit breakdown

$150 1+ day of service

$250 3+ day of service

$500 5+ day of service

Deposit applied to balance if refund required will process at time of billing.

The process is as follows:

1.  Fill out client forms.

2.  Request a booking via text, email or phone.  877-553-4231 or

3.  Receive a booking confirmation with bio of your Care Provider/Nanny.

4.  Provider or CP/Nanny will make introductory call prior to their first day with you.

5.  Service as scheduled begins.


In general, we handle everything from soup to nuts for you. We typically do an in depth consultation on your family’s situation, get to know your family a little bit, and the specifics of the position. We handle all of your interview scheduling and feedback about your interviews.  You will meet between three and five candidates approximately. If it takes meeting 10 candidates it does. We never rush our Clients. We like to see you trial before you decide to hire at least one (not typically more than 2) candidate. Our Director of Placements works with our team to make sure that the process goes smooth.  We will schedule your interviews for you, take feedback after each meetings, and help you through the offer process. 

Our fees are as follows:

$250 non-refundable deposit applied to balance ($1k for live-in or complex cases)

15-18% of annual salary based on a 52 week year

20% of annual salary for Live In, Special Needs, or Personal Assistant (more complex cases)-applies to all searches in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and New York

Replacement period of 6 months for searches over 30 hours

Minimum search fee of $5000 with a minimum of 30 hours per week

$750 cancellation fee under 45 days

50% cancellation fee over 46 days


Salary: $25 per hour

Hours: 40 hours per week

Annual Salary: $52000

Fee: $52000 x 15%=$7800

If your Provider or Educator does not work out for any reason we replace them without charging you again for a 6 (depending on your fee selection) month period but we do charge for background check costs. We have an extremely low replacement rate. We are definitely experts in the area of retention.

If youwant to get started at any time for any type of care whether long term OR short term you can do so by filling out our Client Application.