Special Needs Nanny San Diego-What to Look For

caregiver (1)Looking for a Special Needs Nanny in San Diego in this recruiting climate is a 4-8 week process.  With unemployment under 6% locally what used to take 2-4 weeks could take twice as long and cost twice the price in recruiting.  Some of the things we do to attract a long term Special Needs Nanny are:

Use word of mouth in the special needs community

Various online advertising including a corporate care.com account, other online venues, and top rankings on the internet overall

Recruiting from our existing pool of nannies and asking for referrals

Working with education departments of local universities

Reaching out to behavioral specialists and ABA companies

Using print advertising depending on the families needs

Some of the skills we find valuable when recruiting a Special Needs Nanny are:

Actual professional nanny experience

Experience working in a Special Needs classroom or one on one shadowing

Have behavior therapy experience

Trained and practiced in ABA therapy

Dealing and managing behaviors with multiple children at once

Learning and following through on a behavior plan (using different tactics and being consistent)

Overseeing medication dosing

Working with outside resources to monitor and manage behavior plans

Communicating with teachers and locals resources to be effective

Masters degree in Education

The recruitment process for this type of position can be challenging in itself but in a demanding recruiting environment patience is key.  Understanding that evaluating each nanny throughly, speaking to prior families, and having the nanny perform observation time AND trial time is essential in making a long term fit.

At Crunch Care of San Diego we have extensive  Special Needs Nanny recruiting experience.  We are always happy to consult and provide insight to families going through this process.  For more information contact sandiego@crunchcare.com.

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