Stacie Says…Multi-Tasking Kids Recipes…Baked Chicken Nuggets

In my life,  finding the time to make real meals is to say the least difficult.  Between the hours of 3pm-6pm there there are pick ups, homework, sports, tutoring, going through school work, talking about the day, playing outside, reading, dinner (oh yes that happens too), and a shower for three little men…

I stay home this part of the day to help facilitate making the experience as good as possible for my kids but it is ALWAYS a huge grind.  My goal in life is to find recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less by me or our nanny amoungst the chaos.  After all, in the morning I need a little time to run my company and volunteer at my kid’s schools.

Making dinner has to happen while all of this other stuff is going on during the time lunches are being made for the next day.

Each week when I shop I am now adding new simple and quick recipes that my kids will actually eat to my trusted EVERNOTE app where I share a notebook of recipes with our nanny.

Enjoy this quick recipe in any variation you choose to make your life easier (or whoever may cook for you).  Make a quick salad with it or if your kids are tough on salads opt for some broccoli or green beans!

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