Stacie Says…What I can expect from a temporary nanny for a babysitting shift?

One of the things as a mother I love is having a babysitter in my home AND coming home to a clean house at the end of a night. When I founded this business I struggled to find a sitter that could both love and play with my kids and straighten up along the way. After all, I do it all the time, why can’t someone else do the same job as me? The priority is always the kids but when you are paying someone a very fair rate (usually between $15-20 an hour) you SHOULD expect a little more than the babysitter next door.

What does this mean? This means you should not only expect your kids to be loved and tended to but your home should be loved and tended too as well. This also means to expect and set the expectations for this even on a Saturday night or a one day shift. Having a babysitter is a luxury and as a family you should have a positive, complete experience. Many of our clients believe they can only expect a complete job if the nanny is regularly working full time from them.

Please find this short list of things we at Crunch Care expect from our temporary staff for babysitting! Make sure when you are having a sitter to create a little list of “to do” items you would like to see accomplished during their shift if time allows (especially if your kids go to sleep early!).

Clean up all the toys and put them back in the right spot when the kids are done playing
Wipe down the kitchen counters and put away all the dishes in the sink
Start the dishwasher if it needs to be run
Empty the dishwasher if it is clean and ready
Wipe up the stove and working areas with cleaner after working in them
Take out the garbage at the end of the day or when needed
Make sure to sweep up the eating areas
Straighten up the couch and fold any blankets used

If you have a regular babysitter that repeatedly is scheduled for you consider giving them a special project if the kids are asleep! Some ideas are:

Toy organization
Pantry organization
Putting all the DVDs in one place
Helping with a school project (if the kids are awake)

Be a good planner when you have someone coming to help you in your home and you can expect to have a better experience!

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