Stacie Says…What to expect from a Nanny Agency-For the Nannies

It is important to consider what a nanny agency can do for you when considering your options in San DIego and Orange County.  We have found over the years that the perception of what a agency can provide is not quite in line with what we actually do and defining that for the nannies that work with us is extremely important for the relationship to flourish.

When nannies come in to meet with our agency we define what they can expect from us.  We establish the expectations for the type of relationship Crunch Care would like to have with them over the years and how we can be a supportive partner in their professional career.

Below find the key things you should expect from the nanny agency that you work with.

  • The Role of the Agency-Make sure you understand what their role is in your placement.  How does this agency work? For long term placements do they support you through the process and are they the primary contact?  For shorter term placements are they are your main contact and should you communicate all changes and details of the position to them?  What is the best form of communication.  Make sure you are clear on the role they provide and make sure you discuss with them how frequently you should be checking in with them when you are looking for work.  Following their direction in these steps can ensure that they are making sure you are on the top of the list when it comes to working with their clients.  Communication is key and understand the relationship is important.  We have worked with many nannies for almost 10 years because they are great communicators.  The nannies that make the most of communicating and working on their relationship with us are the nannies we are able to work with throughout their careers.
  • Communication Tactics-Understand that any nanny agency you work with for both long and short term placement should communicate ALL the details of your position with you in an upfront manner.  Every detail regarding job duties and expectation of the employee/employer relationship should be clear.  Make sure the agency provides you with all client contact information and that you feel totally comfortable with the job at hand feeling fully represented by the agency.
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance-Communicate any issues pertaining to your placement.  Whether it is a one day placement or a 5 year position try to communicate with the client family when appropriate and always refer to the agency for additional support and advice.  The best nannies we have worked with over the years talk to us about things going on in the workplace and we help guide the process for both the nanny and the client family.  We essentially act as a mediator that makes sure each parties needs fairly get addressed.  We also act as the expert across the board sharing information about how other families handle similar situations and best practices.
  • Transition Support-It is important to communicate with the agency you work with so that they can provide transition support if you are making a change from a current position.  In an ideal world your agency should be your partner and help you communicate to the family the best time to start interview for a new position and how best to maximize interviews and the existing relationship you have with your employer.
  • Resume and Interview Guidance-This is an extremely important category.  Since the agency is the expert at helping candidates find jobs you should heavily rely on them for guidance in the overall presentation of your professional self.  They should suggest revisions needed to your resume for clarity and they should provide a lot of coaching and preparation on best practices when interviewing with each individual family.  Looking for support and education on additional documentation that may be necessary is a key.
  • Training and Resources-Last, look to your agency as your partner in finding the most up to date training classes and certifications.  Read their publications and articles to stay aware of what is happening in the “kid community”.


Making the most of your San Diego and Orange County Nanny Agency is the key to having a successful relationship with both your employers and the agency supporting the process.  For further insight on career counseling services provided by Crunch Care contact our Facebook page at

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