Summer Kids Activities and Nanny Training in LA, Orange County, and San Diego County

We would like to encourage our client families and nannies to consider using Sharon Rief’s educational classes upon hiring your nanny, or for a parent education class. This is an amazing opportunity to offer your children prior to summer beginning for fun and stimulating ways to enhance the things that they do during their day.  The class is one hour long and is done either in your home, the nannies home, or at a set location and the cost is $125.  Crunch Care is happy to facilitate the process for you.

Sharon Rief has been an educator for over 15 years. She was a special education teacher in LA Unifed for the past 10 years. And prior to that, she was a speech therapist in South Africa. She now works as a child enrichment expert and has a website called “Teacher Resources for Parents” that provides valuable tips on how to enrich children through fun, educational activities. Sharon hosts regular workshops for nannies and babysitters that are based on the content from her site. Sharon is the proud mom of two beautiful girls, Daniella (5) and Raquel (2), who are the inspiration for all her endeavors and always the first two kids to test out all her content.

Does Your Nanny Have The Tools To Enrich
Your Kids And Make Learning Fun?

Sharon Rief, former special education teacher, speech language therapist, and mom of two young kids, will be hosting private child enrichment certifications for nannies working with kids ages 1-6. She will be teaching them many fun enrichment activities and strategies that will strengthen your children’s skills and give them a head start in life.
These trainings are offered in your home or via Skype conversation.
Some of the topics that she will cover are:

Developing Language Concepts Practicing Writing Fun Ways To Learn To Read Simple Crafts

Math Throughout The Day On-The-Go Activities SImplifying The Daily Routine And much more…

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Check out Sharon’s website at www.teacherresourcesforparents.comFor more information email
For daily enrichment tips follow Sharon at

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