Ten Things To Expect From Your San Diego Nanny

As a San Diego Nanny Agency we set certain expectations on all nanny positions we place.  Whether your nanny is in San Diego or New York City we feel this list of expectations represents a minimum depending on the salary, number of children, and duties/time of day of this position.

  • Clear communication skills and ability to log the day.
  • Ability to speak to teachers, doctors, and neighbors as needed making sure to document any needed information for parents.
  • A positive form of discipline including redirection and a relationship built on respect with your children.
  • Ability to grow through the different stages of development and needs with your family.
  • A clear driving record with no DUI or DWI.
  • To rarely if ever be late.
  • To be knowledgeable and prepared for an emergency at any given time.
  • To be willing to go above and beyond expected duties, showing initiative and ability to think on one’s feet.
  • To go with the flow because schedules modestly will change along with routines every 3 months at any stage of infancy or childhood.
  • To be honest.

Our San Diego nanny agency represents nannies that  are prepared at a minimum to meet these basic set of expectations.  Should you need to consult or want more information that is information specific on what to expect from your nanny contact our offices any time for more information.

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