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As discussed in a previous article, I am often asked by nannies how they should market themselves when seeking employment.  Again, looking for a position as a nanny in Orange County is really not much different then looking for a job in the business world.  You have to present yourself as a competent, reliable professional.  The first step to that end is having a well written resume, which I discussed in my previous article.  So now you have your resume together, what’s next?  That would be preparing yourself for the interview!  Chances are you will have a minimum of two interviews…  the first being over the phone when the family or agency contacts you, and the second would likely be in-person.  Communication is extremely important as a nanny, so coming off well both over the phone and in person is very important.  Once you apply for the job you should be ready to discuss not only your experience and qualifications for the position, but also what your current situation is and what your long term goals and plans are.

While your experience and qualifications for the position will already laid out on your resume, you will still need to discuss in more detail.  You will want to tell the family or agency what age groups you have experience with, and what your job duties are.  You will want to highlight any position and/or duties that are out of the ordinary for a typical nanny position, and are often a plus as a nanny in Orange County.  For example, if you have experience working with special needs children, or working with a gavage tube.  Whether on the phone or in-person, let the family or agency guide the interview.  Do not monopolize the conversation, give them a chance to talk and ask the questions they want to ask.  Avoid going off on tangents, stick to discussing what the person conducting the interview would like to discuss.

Discussing what your current situation as well as long term goals and plans is also very important.  Many families and/or agencies will want to know why you are looking for work, what happened with your last position, and whether or not you are currently working or going to school.  They will also likely want to know what your long term goals and plans are, especially if the position is long term.

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