This Los Angeles Nanny Agency’s Do’s and Don’ts

As a Los Angeles Nanny Agency, we review thousands of nanny resumes each year. We are extremely selective in qualifying our candidates, and once they have been qualified we spend a good deal of time discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of being a nanny in Los Angeles. Following are a few of the more important ones that should be observed:

  • Do arrive 5 to 10 minutes early
  • Do ask for a tour of the home
  • Do ask for emergency contact list
  • Do ask what the house rules are
  • Do ask about any special needs, including allergies
  • Do leave the home just a little nicer than it was when you arrived
  • Do not feed the children junk food
  • Do not be on your cell phone unless it is necessary
  • Do not let visitors enter the home
  • Do not fall asleep
  • Do not occupy the children with TV and electronics

Finally, and most importantly, DO USE COMMON SENSE!
By: Kelly Welker, MBA, President of Crunch Care Orange County

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