Top 10 Bay Area Summer Nanny Activities

Google Droid Statue

When you have a  long summer to keep busy, what does a fantastic nanny do in the Bay Area?  Here is a great top 10 list for you to keep your kiddos busy.

  • The Santa Clara Fair July 30-August 2.
  • The San Mateo County Museum on the 4th of July.
  • Go see Pinocchio at the Montgomery Theatre August 6th-9th.
  • Check out the Lawrence Museum Science Future exhibit in Berkeley.
  • Visit the Yerba Buena Children’s Garden once per month for a free puppet show downtown San Francisco.
  • Attend a week, few days, or drop in for a day at Kate and Steve’s Summer Camp, a studio special interest camp all over the Bay Area.
  • Spend a day cooling off at Sky High Sports in Santa Clara.  Nannie’s need a break too!
  • Check out the very cool NASA Ames Visitor Center in Mountain View.
  • Go check out the campus of Google and the droid display figures in Mountain View.
  • Spend a day at the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo.

Keeping the kids busy is a tough job during long summer days.  Being a nanny in the Bay Area offers so many cultural, interesting activities to do!  Researching them and being prepared is the best way to keep kids happy, busy, and educated during off time from school.

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