I have taken a lot of thought into writing this message.  I am sure it is hard for you to understand from my perspective but I thought hopefully this will help clear things up.

For many years we gave our Care Providers the option to just pick up cases.  Over an extended amount of time we have incurred incredible losses in hiring people we think are going to work, which is expensive for a company, and then they never end up taking anything.  To give you some perspective only 30% of our employees hired are working.  After a lot of thought we have decided to change our model and require you to enter your schedule as it changes and weekly.  There are recurring schedule options in the Deputy app that will help you have to do this less frequently but it is a mandatory part of your job going forward with us.

Please note Staff Nannies will also use this feature but they must work 30 hours a week or more to qualify as a Staff and higher pay rate.  

That being said you will still be able to pick up cases BUT we will book your schedule out if possible for the most part for you before those cases even get called out to the team when you enter your schedule.  You are more than welcome to continue to check the app for additional cases to pick up and there are some special circumstances that allow for a team member to take cases and not enter their schedule but those will need to be approved by our scheduling team.

As a company we can no longer afford to hire people and they not work.  If you are in a region that is impacted by less cases, then it is even more important to enter your schedule as the best cases will go first.

Please log into your Deputy app, go to Unavailable and enter days and times you do not want to be booked.  Then notify our office by message or text that this is complete.  Use the recurring option so you don’t have to do this as frequently and make sure to update regularly if there are changes.  Also message our Scheduling team in the app OR by text at 877-553-4231 if you want to provide a travel range by zip code to us to stay within your parameters of commuting.  Further, message us if you need support.  We are here to help you and get you working as much as possible.

We are in the business of providing great child care.  No shows will not be tolerated and you will be written up twice for performance issues and terminated quickly if you are unreliable.  We do have many people on our team who are amazing performers and completely reliable. This is what we expect from you to be a Crunch Care Provider.  As we enter our busiest time of year we expect your cooperation in this process.  Let’s have a great summer and enjoy our work together and make this a positive, fun experience.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Stacie Steelman, Founder and CEO