What a Nanny Company Can Offer You

nannyThe range of support services a nanny agency in San Diego can provide are extensive.  To provide a general idea of different options a nanny service may provide we have created a list of overall reasonable services to look for when identifying a service that is a good fit for your family.  There are services that are all inclusive and offer a wide scope of these option, and services that specialize and focus on a specific type of placement.




-Types of positions serviced can range from:



Household Managers

Special Needs Nannies


Baby Nurses

NCS-Newborn Care Specialists

Night Nannies

Vacation Nannies

Estate Managers



Personal Assistants


Post Surgical Specialized Caregivers



-Type of recruiting:

Long Term (positions considered to be 6 months or longer)

Short Term


Emergency (same day staffing)

Back Up Care



-Due Diligence

Background checks ranging from general to drug testing and beyond



-Concierge service level

Nanny interview with agency on site (some services provide this for a higher fee)



-Sleep training consultations and services



-Retention consulting with placement



Nanny services in San Diego can offer any combination or all of these services.  When looking for your family make sure you find a service that offers a broad scope of services to cover any type of staffing need.  For more information about what Crunch Care of San Diego and Orange County offer contact 858-228-5584, ext. 1.

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