What to Include in Your Nanny Work Agreement

Now that you have found the right nanny for your family, done a trial period and run background checks it’s time to formalize the terms of employment.  The Work Agreement should be a written document that is signed by both you and your nanny before she officially starts the job.  This Agreement is a way to clearly lay out expectations, job duties, compensation, schedule, and benefits.  It will serve as a basis of communication between you and the nanny should any questions regarding the position arise at a later date.

So what should be included in the agreement?  Following are a few key components:

  • Schedule
  • Compensation, including how and when compensation will be distributed, and how any withholdings shall be handled
  • Requirements of the position, e.g. obtaining CPR/First Aid training, maintaining a clean driving record and background, etc.
  • Job duties, e.g. what their child care and household responsibilities are.
  • Benefits, including paid time off and holiday’s

Including details such as the above in the Agreement, will not only make communication with your nanny easier, it will also serve as protection for both of you.

Should you decide that you would like some assistance finding a nanny, and getting a proper Work Agreement set up, please give Crunch Care a call at (877) 553-4231 for a free consultation!

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