Why Should You Hire A Personal Assistant? Opportunity Costs.

It’s an economic theory indicating the difference between what your time is worth and what the cost is to pay someone else to do it for you. Some may call it outsourcing. Some might say it’s opportunity costs or even comparative advantage. Whatever you call it, hiring a personal assistant makes economic sense.

Take a look at a few spontaneous opportunities for a personal assistant to get to work

  • matching pairs of socks
  • organizing last month’s files
  • updating the software on your computer
  • arranging for dinner and a driver
  • picking up dry cleaning
  • preparing lunches or after-school snacks
  • buying groceries
  • scheduling swim or golf lessons
  • dropping off and picking up kids to and from school
  • ordering flowers for special occasions
  • purchasing and wrapping gifts
  • cleaning out a storage closet
  • preparing/taking items to the local charity

In the situation of hiring a personal assistant, the concept basically equates out to being able to trade dollars for your time. This means you get the opportunity to well, live . . . or even, live well.

Earning $200 an hour, you can hire a personal assistant to complete a few chores for about $65 an hour. The difference between what you earn and pay, or opportunity cost here, is $135. Now, when you get home from work, instead of taking an hour or two to complete those few tasks, you can spend time doing something more valuable. Your $65 . . . is it worth an hour laughing with the kids? Spend that time in leisure, being social or even working and maximizing your profit or future pay. Time doing something more meaningful, valuable, or profitable is brought about with the advantage of doubling your working time. That’s what you’re doing when you have a personal assistant. An assistant does work you CAN do. They do work you would otherwise spend time performing. It’s an extra set of hands for unspecialized tasks which would likely prove more draining on your emotional and mental psyche.

The idea behind hiring a personal assistant is enjoying a higher quality of life. You get more free time to play and engage with children and/or spouse, if that’s what brings value to your life. Instead of performing unfulfilling menial tasks, the real value in your hire is personal contentment and maximized rewards. Best of all, you choose what those rewards are; financial, relational or something entirely different because if you get a thrill out of attentively matching and folding socks, that’s worth the hire. Crunch Care can help you find a personal or house assistant to match your needs, don’t waste another minute of your time, call today 877-553-4231!

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