Why You’re Better Off Using a Nanny Placement Service

It’s always better to rely on a professional placement service like Crunch Care when it comes to hiring care providers for your most precious possession- your children!

Why, one might ask? After all, wouldn’t a parent be more in-tune to their child’s needs and personality? Wouldn’t the hiring parent be able to determine whether an applying nanny is a decent match in personality and energy?

The answer is simple: yes, a parent is in the best position to select the most appropriate nanny! A nanny placement service is designed to compliment that process. Together, a harmonious cooperative is formed between Crunch Care and the parent(s) with a single objective: locate and place the best possible fit for the family.

With today’s never ending list of to-do, nanny placement services like Crunch Care take what can be an arduous and grueling task off of a parent’s plate. At Crunch Care, we execute a comprehensive screening process with a full background check, including criminal records, credit and work history. Former addresses are verified and references are checked and fingerprints are obtained in accordance with state regulations. Crunch Care then interviews candidates who have passed these primary steps. The interview process is extensive and only the best candidates who are already fully qualified will be brought before a hiring family to consider.

With these checks and balances, it is a wonder any individual would want to consider placing a care provider in their home that wasn’t initially recommended by a placement service like Crunch Care.

Hiring a nanny service doesn’t mean a parent has little say in the care provider for their children. Having a third party nanny service means more security. It takes time, energy and effort for nannies to apply with a placement service. This means they’re serious about their desire to serve professionally. Serious families in need of nanny services matched with professionals serious about their work. That’s what nanny placement is all about!

Crunch Care nanny placement services are available in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles. Call us today to find the perfect nanny for your family 877-553-4231.

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