Working Mother Guilt? Child Care Tips for Valentine’s Day.

No need to have guilt when working away from your child/children this Valentine’s Day. With a little preparation, you can set the tone for the day, put together a meaningful, memorable gift and set up a way to simply complete craft projects. In short, you get to be the hero! Here’s how:

Set the stage for Valentine’s Day by finishing one of these projects each evening. Keep each completed project out and use them as decorations for the week. Have your little one help you set them out as you praise their clever craftiness! 

Craft Projects:

  • Colorfully paint pebbles or small rocks & mark love messages on some. (Materials: smooth stones, acrylic paint, vibrant colors – three or four, felt tip permanent marker – preferably a metallic color)
  • Use tissue paper & glue to cover clear votives for the dinner table. (Materials: red, pink, yellow colored tissue papers, Elmer’s bottle of glue, glass votives with candles)
  • Create hand print hearts. (Materials: poster paint, paper)
  • Design placemats with cardstock cut into large hearts; set the table with a clear vinyl cover over the top to keep them in place. (Materials: colored cardstock, scissors)
  • Your daytime nanny or child care provider can work on craft projects with your little one(s) and have it set out for finishing touches to do with you after work. You can be the hero by helping your little one decorate your home!

On Valentine’s Day, have a basket prepared for your child/children to open immediately upon waking up! If you aren’t home to watch them open the gift, call later in the day to ask them about a few of the specific items so they know how you especially picked out the items just for them. Fill the basket with a stuffed animal, different types of chocolates and assorted types of candies, a movie, a special book, among other items you know they’d appreciate. You can also choose one larger, more expensive item that compliments a Christmas gift or something that they’ve recently shared they want. Enclose a note.

Let your child’s nanny know that you want the day to be special and meaningful. Not only will your “working mother’s guilt” disappear, you will rest easy knowing that your child feels like your special Valentine!

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