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A Nanny and Domestic Staffing Company

Crunch Care provides custom solutions when you are looking for a Babysitter, Nanny, Special Needs Nanny, Baby Nurse, Housekeeper, Household Assistant, or Caregiver.   Our recruiting services range from short-term sporadic and back-up care to long-term referrals and due diligence.

Our approach is hands on and consultative, spending time getting to fully understand your family’s needs and provide concise, professional, smart and savvy referral services. Our nannies and caregivers are heavily screened and evaluated  in-person for full-service referrals. We are the leader in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and now the Bay Area for providing Nanny and Domestic Services referrals.  

Our internal staffing team are trained with a corporate recruiting philosophy, lending a more skilled and expert level of service to our clients, providing a reliable, safe experience.  We are a woman and mother owned and operated business that is aware of the demands of a family and the stress that goes along with that.  We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the International Nanny Association (INA), and the Association of Premiere Nanny Agency’s (APNA).

We screen and evaluate thousands of nannies, babysitters, caregivers, and general domestic employees annually and work with a diverse range of families, all with different needs. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your family, making your life a little easier when needing to find reliable and professional care. We are always up to date on the latest trends in recruiting and our industry overall.  We only represent the very best care providers in the field and pride ourselves on excellence.

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Contact Details

Phone: 877-553-4231


Hours: M-F 9am-5pm PST

On Call Corporate and Members: Daily 5:30am-10pm PST, for off hour emergency service please email

Emergency email:  For any emergency related questions regarding staffing please email  Do not text our staff directly on their cell phones to avoid any gap in service.

San Diego-Orange County-Los Angeles-San Francisco-Dallas-Boston-New York

Our Services


Our nannies are perfect for a long term or short term placements and are …

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Our professional sitters are great for any occasion when looking for sporadic child care …

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House Sitters

Our House Sitters are a great way to make sure someone is checking in …

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Household Assistants

A Household Assistant can provide general household assistance with duties such as household organization, …

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Night Nannies and Baby Nurses

For new parents looking for overnight support during the first few weeks to months …

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For families who need assistance with housekeeping in excess of 20 to 25 hours …

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Senior Companion Care

Senior Companion’s are great for families who need some help caring for an elderly …

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Caregivers and Post-Surgical Care

Often times after a loved one has had surgery they need a little assistance …

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Short Term Care Club Members

  • Membership – $300 or $30 monthly
  • Daily referral fee – $20
  • Overnight referral fee – $35
  • Night Nanny/Nurse referral fee – $35

Short Term Pay As You Go

  • Annual Membership – $0 (N/A)
  • Daily referral fee – $35
  • Overnight referral fee – $55
  • Night Nanny/Nurse referral fee – $55

Long Term Pricing

  • 12.5% of total annual gross compensation-180-day replacement policy-fee category for both full-time and part-time placements
  • 15% of total annual gross compensation-180-day replacement-fee category for complex, live-in, and travel searches
  • Minimum 18 hours and $2500 fee applies to all searches, $250 non-refundable deposit applies ($1k live-in)

About Us

Crunch Care, Inc. was founded by Stacie Steelman who began her career in the corporate staffing industry. Starting out as a Recruiter, she interviewed and placed hundreds of accounting and financial professionals for Adecco Corporation, a $5 billion global recruitment leader. Stacie quickly worked her way up to corporate management, taking a leadership role as a Division Manager and overseeing the Los Angeles market while supporting her team through a major acquisition.

Professional Affiliations

  • Trustline Nanny Agency
  • Google Places Nanny Agency
  • INA Nanny Agency Orange County
  • APNA-Nanny Agency San Diego
  • APNA Nanny Agency San Francisco
  • Nanny Agency Review
  • Nanny Agency Review
  • Nanny Agency Review

Our Testimonials

Our Core Values

We only place A+ through B candidates

We do not want to have the reputation of placing a B- candidate or less. Each candidate should be PROFESSIONAL, polished, and know how to communicate well regardless of their native language. We are the experts in judgement of being able to choose someone who can represent us at the highest level.

We always use correct grammar in our emails and dialogues.

When texting and emailing we make every effort to use appropriate grammar and language. We are well educated and understand the professionalism is what we deliver, even when we are friendly with our clients. We are top notch.

We are corporate in our approach.

We are not the nanny agency started by a nanny. We are professionally trained in recruiting techniques according to corporate standards and services our clients at that level.

We are a classy group of gals.

We know how to speak to people of high caliber, always take care of ourselves personally, and know that we are working for the top tier of domestic staffing companies.

We are the experts at what we do.

We do this all day every day for almost 10 years now. We are recognized locally and nationally as being a leader in our industry. Our affiliations to professional organizations and how the world sees us justifies our opinion and pricing. We do not negotiate.

We are excellent communicators.

From providing clear communication to our nannies about our role and how we can help them to providing clear communication to our clients about our role and the process we leave no stone unturned. We put our best foot forward in terms of presentation and communication at all times. We are always touching our clients and nannies to make sure they feel taken care of. We expect the same form of communication from our partners in return.

We always cross our T’s and dot our I’s.

There are rare mistakes made if ever because we know that our client’s and our nannies deserve the best and we are proud of being able to deliver it. Attention to detail is our goal.

We are a cool company.

We are always looking for ways to improve what we offer and have the latest and greatest techniques and technologies. We want to have a great quality of life and enjoy what we do at the same time. We understand that we can work from home, be mothers, be young women, and still be successful and fun.

We are proud of who we are and what we do.

We are a domestic and corporate staffing agency that has a very good reputation in the community and we are an all women team that are powerful and smart. We don’t accept anything less than that, EVER.

We enjoy each other and our life working together.

This is a very unique company with a very special approach and we care about the people we work with. We are a family.