Finding a Nanny Agency in Los Angeles

Finding a nanny agency in the Los Angeles region can be daunting.  If you run a google search you can find over 20 local companies that provide a variety of services to choose from.  When looking for an agency or in home recruiting firm that meets your families needs you should strongly consider the type of service a nanny agency provides.

When Crunch Care of California decided to offer services in the Los Angeles region our business started with the foundation of being a back up care company.  Agencies can offer anything from simply long term search services to tutoring services, Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Services that are within a 6 month range, and or back up care services for dual working families in high demand careers.

Understanding your families goals and needs is an important part of selecting the right vendor.  If you have a dual income home where the demand of your career requires you to have ongoing help choosing a company that provides same day and emergency staffing is an important feature.  Using a service like this for short term urgent needs is critical in meeting the demands of a stressful career.  At the same time it is ideal to work with a company that provides long term search services as well so that overall your family has one long term stable solution but the company that has recruited for you in the past can also service the emergency need since they have a formed relationship with your family and understand the demands, needs, and hectic schedules.

If one family member primarily stays home and back up care of not a necessary option you may choose to work with a service that only provides long term placements and is more of a “boutique” service.

The most important part of finding an agency that meets your staffing needs is connecting with the recruiters and team that provides this service to you.  Knowing that a service provider understands the ins and outs of your family and can accommodate your child care/nanny needs is critical.  In Los Angeles the choices are extensive.  A couple of key pointers are as follows:

  • Understand the services in full that a nanny agency offers
  • Make sure they have proper insurance
  • Look for professional affiliations like the INA, BBB, and APNA
  • Make sure the agency has staff that is available to meet you in your home and understand the full scope of your family
  • Understand the qualification process they follow
  • Speak to other clients they have serviced over the years
  • Trust your instinct on the person that your choose to work with at the company

Crunch Care of Los Angeles services the Valley through the South Bay.  They provide full service domestic staffing and back up care solutions.  For more information contact Crunch Care at

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