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Crunch Care, a leading back up care and nanny placement agency in San Diego and Orange County opened an office in Los Angeles last week.  Crunch Care has been servicing San DIego and Orange County for almost 10 years and is excited to announce this service expansion.

Stacie Steelman, their CEO and Founder says, “We recently began servicing a major national vendor providing back up care services in the region and the timing just made sense.  Now that our candidate pool is growing we are able to offer back up care, short term private client care, and long term searches.”

For years they have been sporadically offering long term searches in Los Angeles for existing clients and referrals.  As a nanny agency and back up care company they feel they are selective about the markets they have chosen to focus on and how efficiently the business can be facilitated.  Kelly Welker, President of Crunch Care of Orange County said, “Los Angeles is a large county and our primary focus at this time is the Valley, Pasadena, the South Bay, and the West Side  We are excited to build new relationships with new nannies, domestic providers, client families, and corporations.

Crunch Care offers back up care/sporadic child and in home care and long term referral services.  They are corporate in their approach to placement philosophies focusing on finding quality care that is stable and secure for their clients.

Crunch Care is considered a nanny agency but with their corporate approach to the recruiting process considers themselves experts in the area of retention consulting as well.  Most of their long term placements retention rate is on average 3-4 years.  When providing more insight on their short term care business they focus on building consistency for a family with a regular rotation of care providers.

The basic minimum standard for their average nanny is 2-5 years of professional nanny experience, first aid and CPR trained, 3 professional nanny references, INA Basic Skills Assessment tested, and background checked along with Trustline (for CA candidates).

For more insight on Crunch Care’s services contact Crunch Care of Los Angeles at  The nanny agency office is located is in the Westwood area of Los Angeles.

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