What to Expect from a Domestic Staffing Agency in Orange County and San Diego

Companies are dependent upon their HR Departments to help them effectively recruit and hire employees.  So what do families do?  Families grow, evolve and change much the same way a company does, so what are you to do when you need help at home?  This is where a domestic staffing agency such as Crunch Care in San Diego/Orange County can be of assistance!

So what can a domestic staffing agency do for you?  What can you expect?


First and foremost a domestic staffing agency will bring knowledge of the position and area to the table.  For example, here in Orange County and San Diego as a domestic staffing agency we have a thorough understanding of what the market is like in terms of compensation, and the types of candidates one can expect to readily find for various positions.  This knowledge can be invaluable when looking for domestic help.


Most families don’t have the kind of recruiting or interview experience that a qualified agency will have.  The interview and recruiting process can be overwhelming for many, especially for those that don’t have the relevant experience.  A domestic staffing agency in San Diego/Orange County such as Crunch Care will know where to look to recruit candidates, as well as how to properly screen them.  They will take care of the initial interviews, reference checks and ensure that once you hire an employee that they have been properly background checked.

Peace of Mind

Most of all you when it comes to domestic staffing, you will want piece of mind.  Domestic employment, more then other types, is very intimate in that the individual will be working in your home, around your belongings, and most of all around your loved ones!  This is a point we at Crunch Care in San Diego/Orange County pride ourselves on when it comes to domestic staffing.

To find out more about our services, and how we can help with domestic staffing in San Diego and Orange County, give us a call (877) 553-4231!

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